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Vogue Fashion Festival: Day 2, Session 1

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

This year the venue for the Vogue Fashion Festival Paris was held once again at Hotel Potocki in the 8th arrondissement. Located in the heart of Paris the hotel is an ideal location for a Fashion Festival in the City of Lights!

Eagerly waiting for the seminars to start!

I arrived an hour in advance to queue for the Vogue Fashion Festival Paris. Already the line of attending fashionistas was wrapping around the sidewalk in front of the hotel! This was the perfect time to snap some street style shots and get to know some of this year’s attendees. A majority of those attending were fashion students, steaming from Paris and abroad. They were all excited to hear today's seminars, in particular, the final panel with Chiara Ferragni and Maria Grazia Chiuri.

After a quick pass through security and coat check, we were off to the main event hall. Here workers passed out headsets. The speeches were primarily in French. However, visitors had the option to translate into English, Chinese, and several other languages. Beforehand refreshments of café, tea, Fiji water, and small Parisian pastries were served. Seating arrangements were on a first-come-first-serve bias; the venue quickly filled until there was not an empty seat in sight.

The festival kicked off with an introductory speech, welcoming attendees and speakers

for another day of the exciting talks!

The lineup for the days talks, so many experts!

The new frontiers on beauty

At 9:15 Edgar Hubert the president of Coty Luxury spoke on the new boundaries in beauty. He emphasized the consumer's gravitation towards bespoke and authentic collections. He spoke on the future of luxury retail spaces focusing on the in-store experience, to meet consumer’s needs. Huber believes that companies should switch their attention to Middle Eastern and Asian markets. In recent years, China has become the largest consumer of luxury goods and beauty products.

This shift has pushed forward new distribution models such as “direct-to-airport,” a concept growing because of the 8-12% yearly growth in travel. The Chinese consumer can order products and get them directly at the airport upon arriving back into the country. This travel market will show predominate growth in the coming years, and defiantly something to keep an eye on!

New Technology in Fabric

This panel started with the introduction of Christelle Kocher, the creative director of Koche, and Antonin Tron, the founder ATLEIN. Both are young creative, with studios based in Paris. Koche is a contemporary luxury brand blending traditional tailoring and streetwear fashion. ATLEIN has a small atelier based in the heart of Paris

Regarding advancements in textiles, both designers’ source from Premier Vision to find the right fabric for their collections, along with traveling in France and abroad to Japan to find innovative fabrics. From years of working with many design companies, Christelle and Antonin have built relationships with the artisanal craftsman who produce specific material for each collection and often work with the Woolmark Company.

Fashion Futurology

Sophie Hackford is the PDG of 1759 Lab. she travels the world giving lectures and seminars on the future of technology in fashion. In her speech, she specified that we are in the first stages of the fourth industrial revolution. At this moment, the rise of artificial intelligence is just beginning, with humanoid android systems like “Sophie,” who carry citizenship (Saudi Arabia), at the brink of full development.

What we can expect in the coming years is full access to our “big data” information and the ability to make it work for us. Literally. Sophie introduced the idea of being able to control our data, through a “Digital Agent.” Allowing us to connect with others, access any information, and make big decisions for us, from medical to career choices.

Luxury Brands and Influencers

The most anticipated panel of the morning started with the introduction of Chiara Ferragni: a social influencer and creator of the Blonde Salad, and Maria Grazia Chiuri, the creative director of Christian Dior. The relationship between the two women started at a gallery opening, and from that moment their bond was created. Maria would later design the two dresses for Chiara's wedding in Italy earlier this year, a highly anticipated social event, drawing social media attention from across the globe.

Chiara touched on how she started her career as an influencer, describing the first few years as difficult; continually told that she did not have a place in the industry. Chiara told the audience it was vital to push forward, and not to let others stop you from completing your goal. Her most predominate point was encouraging the audience to develop a social media presence, but only if it is a part of you. She believes authenticity is vital when producing content for Instagram; your audience needs to feel they have access to the “real you.”

This concluded the morning's seminars of Vogue Fashion Festival day 2! Click here for part two of the day’s events!

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