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The Origins of Our Blog

Updated: May 29, 2019

The Creators

The Creative Process

The Global Fashion Media MBA students were tasked, by the administration of IFA Paris, under the guidance of professor Augustina Cattaneo, to create the school’s fashion blog. Eleven creative minds were given artistic freedom, staring from a blank canvas, and asked to a create an online media that is relevant to the young fashioned mind students and people of Paris.

All eleven of us come from diverse cultural background. Having a global multi-national voice was of the utmost importance when we thought about the mission of our blog.

As any good endeavor, why began with our why. We thought about what will be the purpose of our blog, what are we trying to convey, and what kind of voice our message would have. It was very importance for us that we represent life in Paris through the eyes of a fashion student, without losing our individual voice and cultural perspective.

While the IFA students of semesters passed created a beautiful blog, the IFA administration wanted a fresh start with a fashion-centered blog that was relevant to the students of IFA. They start from zero, so we got to choose the name, domain,, and platform. In order to move from theory to practice we decided to use the Wix internet platform. We needed something simple and fast to use, so we could optimize our time and adapt to everyone's knowledge.

One of the MBA students Naz, a young creative from New Jersey, has extensive experience in media and blogging. She volunteered to lead the class in the actual building of the blog. We used our delegated class time to work together as one team, with Naz as the leader, to design our blog together through Wix.

As far as the aesthetic of the blog, we wanted something clean and chic, with visual heavy content. We discussed each design element including colors, the types of images we would include, and layout. The planning and building of the blog commenced from October to December, and officially went live in January.

Why Mode Édition?

It came naturally to us; it’s both English and French. In an english speaking school based in Paris, it makes perfect sense. It reflects a cosmopolitan identity, with each student having different origins, which is the real strength of the blog. It reflects the universes, horizons, and multiple identities that went into the construction of the blog. Nowadays, the world is like that, a mixture of all the cultures, the languages, the experiences of individuals, and it is the internet that connects us. We wanted our blog to reflect this connection.

Regarding the logo

We needed something simple, easy to remember, and that everyone on the team was able to identify with. The strength of a logo is its simplicity. Elegant, clean.

Example of Our Content Calendar

This is our content calendar. It is centered around the biggest events happening in fashion, and articles are delegated to students evenly. Every article has an assigned writer and editor.

We are 11 individuals with different cultures and backgrounds, we do not all have the same experiences in creative writing or “blogging”, but each one of us has something to contribute in this blog. As you might imagine, when eleven different artists come together to work on a project, the process can be a bit slow and tedious, as different opinions are heard, discussed, and voted upon. But the creative process was surprisingly collaborative, as our underlying vision seemed to be the same. We were able to work single mindedly to create a beautiful blog that we hope will serve IFA Paris, it’s students, and young fashion minded creatives for years to come.

Written by Alicia Delva and Diana Roberts

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