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The On the Go Guide to the Last Three Days of London Fashion Week

The must see highlights from the A/W 20 London Fashion Week Catwalk Looks

Image: WGSN

London is arguably one of the most enjoyable fashion shows, as it is here where designers are often unafraid to push the proverbial envelope. The catwalks in London are often filled with outrageous avant-garde designs and big bold colors. While London has lately been associated with bold streetwear, there is a long British tradition of exquisite tailoring. During London Fashion, you will see very classic timeless fashion, inspired by a menswear tradition, as well as the crazy expressive fresh breath of youth culture.

In this article, we will explore the good, bad and the ugly of the last three days of fashion week.

Most Breathtaking Look

For me this dress by designer Ashish was a showstopper. As an Indian designer, a strong background in handicraft and embroidery was evident, paired with this classic silhouette, in this beautiful shade of blue, made for a jaw-dropping beautiful dress that was the perfect symbol of cross-culturalism at its finest.

Ashish LFW AW20; Image WGSN

Most Timeless Look

Call me old fashioned, but amazing tailoring never goes out of style. One of the best collections from London Fashion Week was Margaret Howell. It was inspired by the timeless, and my opinion the best era of men’s fashion, the 1930’s. Every silhouette and color choice was amazing, and probably one of the most understated collections of this season’s catwalks.

Margaret Howell LFW AW 20; Image: WGSN

Best Use of Color

London is, in my opinion, usually the most colorful of the fashion weeks. For most designers ‘it’s go bold or go home.’ From the last half of the fashion week, my favorite use of color was from the Erdem collection. Rich, vibrant jewel tones, in sequined and beaded florals contrasted with black, on Victorian inspired silhouettes, made for some truly beautiful fashion.

Most Outrageous Headpieces

From designers like Richard Quinn and Izzue completely covering the models' faces to brands like Push Button crafting outrageous headpieces, London fashion week proves that Fashion is an art form from head to toe.

Push Button-- Richard Quinn--Izzue--Chalayan; Image: WGSN

Mad about Plaid

Plaid is a universal fabric that can be dressed up or dressed down and grungy. See how some of London’s designers reimagined this classic print.

Reina Pyo--Priscavera--Pringle of Scotland--Roberta Einer; Image :WGSN

Sesame Street

This A/W 2019 we saw a lot of goose feather fur in bright colors, giving a very Sesame Street inspired vibe, bringing a playfulness that touched the child’s heart inside us all. On/Off Presents even went so far as to showcase a collection directly inspired by Sesame Street, Big Bird and all.

Shrimps--JW Anderson--On Off Presents; Image: WGSN

Most Outrageous Silhouette

No contest. Pam Hogg. Shocked.

Biggest Fashion Faux Pas

Eek! One of London’s biggest luxury houses, Burberry, is the latest fashion perpetrator to showcase an extremely culturally insensitive design. They sent a hoodie with a noose around the neck down the catwalk. This design received social media backlash, after one of their very own models, Liz Kennedy, expressed her concerns with the design. For her, it sparked images of suicide. The noose is also a very charged image in African American culture, as a symbol of the history of terror and hatred that once overtly plagued the country. Burberry has since apologized and removed this item from their collection, but this points to a larger issue that has been commonly coming up in the fashion industry lately. See our article HERE about racial insensitivity in the fashion industry.

Burberry AW20; Image: WGSN

While everything in London may not be to your taste, you can definitely argue that London Fashion Week is never boring, even the classic, timeless silhouettes can take your breath away.

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