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The hottest trends from NYFW Street Styles

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

As New York Fashion Week is coming to its end, it is time for us to highlight the best trends from the streets. From what they wear to how they wear it, trendy New Yorkers teach us lessons on the timelessness of fur, the strong allure of army inspired colors, reimagining classic patterns, and more.

Photographers captured, through their lenses, the best looks, and we are depicting the next trends from these after show styles.

Fur-y Road

As fur is a must have element in a fashionista’s closet, so it doesn’t come as a surprise to see it captured everywhere in the American capital of fashion. This season furs came in every shape, color and size. Some trenders kept it classic by being monochrome and soft with pastel colors. Others went bolder by choosing more unusual and vibrant shades and colors.

When it comes to fur, the leopard print is inevitable and continues giving a fierce allure to anyone wearing it.

Green Army Force

Attention! The fashion army is in the streets. Have a look on the military inspired designs and fabric. While a total khaki look gives more strength to a silhouette, mixing and superposing select pieces of clothing can be another way of adding more force to an outfit. Timeless and confortable, you can never go wrong with an army green jumpsuit.

Check That !

We are passed classic check patterns. New York’s fashion streets saw colorful, bright, bold and atypical associations of colors and lines.

As today’s fashion is mostly about recycling the past’s fashion, check patterns went through a renewal with electric lines, colors, and an unexpected mix and matching. Adopting these innovative looks is embracing the classical and new at the same time.

Oh my Coat !

Do you know why Queen Elizabeth is always wearing bright colorful royal outfits? It’s because she has to be seen and recognized from far away! Well it seems like New York fashionistas have adopted that spirit too. More than just serving the purpose of covering yourself and protecting you from the weather, your coat can reveal a lot on your identity. It’s often the only big original piece you have on you, so spend less time choosing your outfit and pick up a coat that will dress all your silhouettes.

Photos by Jonathan Daniel Pryce, Jonathan Paciullo, Jeremy Kang and Phil Oh.

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