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Streetstyle trends of Los Angeles

L.A is surrounded by beaches, mountains and cities, the lifestyle of this place makes a city where is good to live and of course where there is sunshine all year and people can wear whatever they want all year long! L.A has some of the world’s famous attractions such as the Hollywood Sign, Santa Monica Pier, Griffith Park Observatory and many others… it has been famous for the film and entertainment industry, their rooftop parties, celebrities spotting and surfing. There is always something going on in L.A and this is what makes this city so special!

Even if L.A is one of the top 5 cities of Fashion in the world nowadays, this is only a small part of the population concerned by the high ends trends. If we want to see fashionistas we have to go to some specific places such as : … in West Hollywood at Melrose Avenue , Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, Venice Beach and in Downtown L.A in the art district...



Neon was once again a BIG trend! I’ve noticed a lot of people wearing neon colors clothing, accessories…. And a lot of the girls were dressed up very similar! Wearing neon biker shorts with a crop top combined with a pair of classic sneakers or they would wear an entire neon look as seen in the photos.

Cargo Pants:

Cargo pants is a major fashion trend in L.A. Cargo pants can be combined with a crop top, a pair of sneakers or high heels as seen in the photos.


Vintage is what basically describes Melrose Avenue, for the best vintage shops one has to go to Melrose avenue! This Avenue is basically my favorite area of Los Angeles, not only because of the shops but because of the street art scene around the avenue, the restaurants, the designs of the stores and the bright colors everywhere. As seen in the photos, a vintage graphic t-shirt combined with a pair of high waist jeans or a midi skirt is the most common in L.A.


Denim clothing will always be a classic! The origin of the denim comes from San Francisco, California that’s why it remains an eternal classic in the Californian closet. It could be a pair of classic jeans, a top, a dress, a jacket or just a pair of shorts. You can pair a denim item just for a casual day or even for a night out. What I saw the most in L.A is a classic pair of high waist jeans combined with a t-shirt or a blouse paired with high heels or classic sneakers.

Sporty Chic

L.A is famous for the use of sport clothing since the 80`s! Wearing a simple black leggings, biker shorts or trackers pants with a crop top or a simple t-shirt it’s very common..

Boho Style

Another trend that I’ve noticed was the Boho style. This trend is very common in West Hollywood, and easy to find in the Fairfax area and in Venice beach. Flowy midi dress combined with a pair of cowboy boots and a big hat or a flowy midi skirt combined with a classic t-shirt and a pair of cowboy boots but accessorized with a fringed handbag.

White Sneakers

White sneakers is a classic trend, but is a plus to have a pair of white sneakers in our closet! You can combine white sneakers with any piece of clothing! It could be with a short dress, a pair of shorts or jeans, a midi skirt...

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