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Streetstyle Trends of Barcelona and Ibiza, Spain

Barcelona is a city rich in culture, art, fashion, and music. It is known for its beautiful architecture and historical treasures. It is home to some of Spain’s most visited attractions, such as the infamous Casa Batlló- the whimsical architectural homes by the architect Antoni Gaudi and other top architectural legacies such as, La Sagrada Familia and Parc Güell. It is also the headquarters of FC Barcelona, for avid football fans.

 With a city that offers so much strong energy and character it seemed to be a bit quiet for a first time visitor, like myself, perhaps due to the transitioning stage of the weather from cold to warm. It was a bit chilly during my time there, which was very reflective in the way people dressed. But none the less, aside from the casual dressing for comfort and warmth, Barcelona is a city that still holds some fashion sense. These are the top fashion trends that can be seen in the streets of Barcelona.


All Black Errthang!

Black has and will always be a staple when it comes to dressing i.e, the little black dress. In fact some people whether with pride or not, tend to always navigate to only buying or owning black clothing, noting that their closet is only full of black.  The look of all black seems to be a common trend in Barcelona, even in the most casual of attire; black from head to toe is very much seen on the streets.

That Leather Jacket

A leather jacket whether biker jacket style, dressy, or in the form of a bomber jacket, has seemed to be a must have item in almost anyone’s closet as an outer-piece item for either spring or fall weather. This definitely proves to be true in Barcelona, where a leather jacket can be seen on a large majority of people on the streets.

Classic Jeans

Of course jeans are a clothing item that everyone owns and is the go to when dressing up, especially when just out for a casual day in town. But jeans have a way of adding that extra flare to an outfit, to make it look complete. Whether casually with a t-shirt worn on top, or a bit more formal with an oversized blazer, you can never go wrong with a classic pair of jeans.

Ibiza is most famously known for its crazy parties and nightlife, but there is actually more to this beautiful island than most might be aware of. Ibiza has some of the world’s most amazing attractions, from the breath-taking scenic views, to gorgeous beaches, incredible sunsets and the historic architecture of old town Ibiza that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea, Ibiza is simply incredible to say the least.

Being that Ibiza is an Island and hosts many visitors especially during the warmer season of summer, the fashion here is catered more towards beach and clubbing attire. From cute flowy summer dresses and tops, short shorts, mesh and see through beach covers, bikini’s and skirts, there is no doubt that the styles here are summer ready! Here’s a look at some of the eye-popping styles that can be seen in the streets of Ibiza.


Boho Chic

One thing is for sure; a very common trend in Ibiza is the boho chic look. Home to a handful of hippie markets which have been a long standing part of the island’s history, there is no surprise that the hippie style still remains and has adapted as part of the modern aesthetic most commonly known as boho chic. Complete with cowboy boots, frills and tassels, this look is one to stay!

White on White

Although it can be a little tricky to execute because of extra precaution in not getting dirty, the classic all white look seems to also be a popular trend in the streets of Ibiza. From full on white dresses, to matching co-ord sets, wearing all white gives off a clean angelic and graceful look that is sure to catch attention. 

Here's a look at some other eye-catching styles that can be found in Ibiza

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