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Review of the Shows and Streetstyle from Milan Men’s Fashion Week A/W 2019

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Ermenegildo Zegna served looks as the first show at Milan Fashion Week

Pictures courtesy of Now Fashion

Ermenegildo Zegna show was held at Milano Centrale station. While watching the collection some of the prime designs showcased were tailored very well. The pieces included confident outerwear. The shoes were hardy detail-laden boots and inspired by life in perpetual motion. The designs paired smart wools and straps around the calves. The total look was reminiscent of a cyclist on the move. One of the memorable looks was the storm cuffs poked out from the hem of smart trousers. Suits had metallic jacquard expressed with repeat illustrated patterns of commuters reading the paper. It ended up being cut into the suit. The company’s classic Cesare sneakers were worn in many variations. The sneakers were made available online for customization after the show.

Classic Versace is here to stay with rememberable collection

Pictures Courtesy of Gio Staiano for Now Fashion

The Versace collection opened with a look of bondage images printed sheekly on the front of a shirt. Dark trousers were complemented with a leather overcoat. The winter bondage was underneath puffer jackets. The bondage jackets were held together by O-rings. The prints were accented with colorful satiny prints. The looks were cozy with warm scarves. Versace displayed fuzzy sweaters bearing a new Versace logo. On the runway Versace featured suit jackets, bejeweled brooches and crystal encrusted jeans. Some of runway pieces felt like fight night with colorful embroidered silken boxers. While other looks were defined simply with a sober black suit jacket and button-up dress shirt. Versace also previewed a collaboration venture with U.S. automaker Ford, including the oval-shaped blue Ford logo on leather jackets, trousers, sneakers, hoodies and button-down shirts. The latter was layered kinkily with a silky lace top and a leopard-print fur coat. Some of the models had colored leopard print which was a nice contrast to the rest of the outfit.

Prada goes outside the box again with a very creative collection

Pictures Courtesy of Gio Staiano for Now Fashion

While watching the Prada men’s show what emerged were designs from unique backdrops of political and social dissent; cities around the world full of anger and violence; collision of humans and humanoids, science and sci-fi and the agonies of Frankenstein’s monsters. Political, social and cultural influences were clearly on the mind of Miuccia Prada as she worked up her fall men’s collection. This collection was a clever blend of the fantastical and the commercial. The set, with its squishy foam floors, circuit board runway and dimmed yellow lightbulbs, had an otherworldly feel look.The set created an atmosphere of isolation and protection. Prada paid homage to Mary Shelley’s famous monster, too, slapping his face onto pencil skirts and his cartoonish, disembodied hands onto men’s shirts that were also covered with lightning bolts and roses. After peeling away the socio-political-movie horror layers, picking off the Frankenstein chains, slipping off the multiple belts snaked around men’s and women’s waists alike what remained was a perfectly formed collection. The collection included signature military coats and jackets, tailored suits with high-waisted trousers in black, gray or army green. Lots of fuzzy sweaters with a natty navy blue topcoat. The collection was lovely and salable!

Dsquared2 rocks on with a colorful collection

Pictures Courtesy of Guillaume Roujas Now Fashion

Dsquared2 brought music to the runway with pop, rock and roll grungly disco extravaganza. This runway had a clear message of partying and dancing. The musical inspiration translated into grungy tartan shirts. The tank tops had outerwear pieces splashed with heavy metal and psychedelic prints. All types of pieces were displayed dresses, mini’s micro skirts and parkas covered with sparkling sequins. All of this was combined with a winter mountaineering feel. While pretty shearling coats warmed up the looks in the women’s line, they actually covered inches and inches of skin left unprotected by sexy dresses. Technical men’s ski pants with suspenders revealed the Canadian Catens passion for winter sports. Puffers, padded vests and parkas splashed with flamboyant graphics exalted the urban appeal of the collection. I loved every bit of the collection. It reminded me of the 70’s with the frisky party lovers who don’t like to stay in the shadows.

Favorite Streetstyle Looks From Milan Men’s Fashion Week

Pictures Courtesy Robert Spangle

Milan always has the best streetstyle and men’s fashion week. As expected the show opened with great fashion. The style presented on the streets was very colorful and classic. The suits and patterns made a huge splash on the streets, creating very slick looks. I loved seeing the oversized coats with fun sneakers and really appreciated the streetstyle entry of multiple prints on men, with baggy dress pants.


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