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Return of 'The Face'

The British independent magazine and ‘Style Bible’ is all set to relaunch this year as a quarterly print publication.

Britain’s contribution to fashion began with the punk movement in the early 80’s, and almost four decades later they continue to churn out incredible fashion designers every season with London Fashion Week. In 1980, Nick Logan, an ex NME editor, used his entire life savings to launch a magazine that celebrated the British subcultures, the underground music and some of fashion’s biggest innovators. Thus, began the journey of The Face, an independent magazine with fashion and music at its core, that also covered a wide range of political topics with hard-hitting journalism. The cult-pop phenomenon of The Face disrupted the wider fashion world and set new stylistic goals.

The Face lost some of its lustre in 1999 due to bigger titles taking limelight, and was eventually shut down in 2004. With a new digital direction it is all set to hit the markets digitally in April and again in September, as a quarterly print publication. Newly appointed editor Stuart Brumfitt says, “While we are going to pay respect to its past, we want to make sure that we are pushing it forward. The Face would bring a uniquely British sense of humour and irreverence.”

Nick Logan and the various issues of The Face

Along with a new editorial staff, The Face has also appointed contributors from various industries such as music executive Grace Ladoja, chef Magnus Reid, designer Grace Wales Bonner and photographer Margaret Zhang. The team would also include Tremaine Emory and Acyde - the duo behind No Vacancy Inn (an online destination for contemporary men’s fashion and streetwear). Citing Virgil Abloh’s varied interests, Acyde believes that The Face will be a common platform to unite music, art, fashion and entertainment.

Dan Flower, the managing director for The Face, said that the magazine will be looking into different streams of revenue – from print and digital advertising to branded content and working for luxury fashion brands. The Face has already bagged a collaboration with Gucci, using the brand’s logo on a capsule of t-shirts.

Dan Flower, MD and Stuart Brumfitt, Editor

But in today’s competitive world where majority of the population spends more time on social media than reading print publications, The Face might have a hard time garnering consumer loyalty. Only time will tell whether the magazine will stay relevant amidst the hurdles that this constantly evolving technology throws at it.

Pictures: Dazed Digital, BoF

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