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Paris Fashion Week Street Style Review

As Paris Fashion Week comes to an end, we are here to analyze some trends we saw on the streets of Paris.

The Fall Winter ’19 fashion week saw a mélange of some new trends unlike the previous ones and some trends that were classic. The capital city of Fashion, Paris saw a lot of prints on prints, coordinated sets, jewel tones and whites. Here are some key trends that will help you ease in the fall/winter style for 2019.

‘Skirt’ing around

This season, we saw skirts everywhere. They came in all sizes, styles and silhouettes. Though asymmetrical, voluminous and pleated skirts were the heroes of this trend, we also saw some daring personalities pull these off in sheer fabrics, patchwork patterns and jewel tones. They were paired with boots and socks, oversized quilted bags (really??) and boxy jackets.

‘Denim’izing the streets!

Denim is never out of season and the street style proves that. Denim jumpsuits, jackets, jeans were seen everywhere. Printed, distressed, acid washed, and patchworked pants were also seen on the streets. This trend surely reinforced the unshakable position of this timeless fabric. One thing that surely came into the limelight was the diminishment of the ripped style (as if we didn’t have enough of that already!)

Sheer Joy!

There were a lot of sheer outfits seen on the Parisian streets in this Fashion week. We saw street stylers go all out with net/crochet outfits, skirts, mesh tops, jackets; and we also saw some stick to smaller elements like sheer sleeves, or a skirt over pants. Transparency makes a lot of different and boy, those looks proved it true!

Its Over-the-size

This season also saw an influx of oversized outfits on the streets. Be it oversized jackets, pants, shirts, bags or sunglasses. They were beautifully contrasted with fitted garments like an oversized jacket teamed with fitted denim jeans, or an oversized skirt with fitted/sheer top. The overall effect was trendy and chic!

Keep watching this space for more!

Photos taken by one of our contributors - Marilyn Quarshie

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