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NYC Streetstyle Trends 2019

Updated: May 14, 2019

When in new york taking pictures of all the streetstyle is a must. So many fashionistas in the Empire State.Great trends are appearing as the weather is getting warmer in the Big Apple!!!


Power Suits

While walking around in the city of New York, we see women walking to work wearing suits in different areas. Power suits tend to live in a surprisingly controversial space, since early feminists said it was the ultimate challenge to the patriarchy... because who needs femininity? Then came the argument that ‘feminine’ can be just as strong and game-changing, and we don’t need to dress like men, so let’s reclaim it, shall we? While these conversations are worthy of nuance and deconstruction on both sides, ultimately, we want to celebrate power suits as a form of art. With the rise of Instagram fashion, we’re able to see, more than ever, what people from all over are wearing. What I love about the 2019’s power suits is their ability to give us options both in terms of form and function. Would you wear a power suit to brunch at a friend’s apartment? What if it was made of silk? Would you wear a power suit to a wedding, or to work, or on a first date? What if it featured sharp shoulders, or a drop-crotch, or no real shape at all?

Flowy Ruffles

Ruffles are being seen on the streets of Brooklyn and SoHo and are one of my favorite trends because you can wear them in so many styles. They feel frilly, delicate, dainty the antithesis of the edgy, fun and uber-practical vibe I’m going for each time I get dressed. Considered together, these looks convey the sheer versatility of ruffles. The best part about ruffles is you see them in all types of styles such as frilly, delicate or dainty which gives the consumer so many options on how to wear the trend. The foreshadowed our impending reality. Ruffles are among the top 2019 fashion trends we’ll see everywhere next year, and it’s about time everyone shall get on board with this trend.

Very Shiny Fabrics

Fancy shiny fabrics where seen on the streets of New York during the day. To describe this trend, it is rubbery fabric that’s most commonly associated with fetishism: which is vinyl’s arrival into the world of fashion. It was nice seeing women in this exciting trend. Shinny looks are incorporated with "metallic foil fabric" along with "high-shine materials" and "holographic" styles you will see throughout 2019. This trend was seen in so many styles such as holographic sequins and “glossy textures”. Most of street were embracing the look of “fancy sweaters" complete with "holographic paillettes." It’s not just fashion’s elite that are embracing dominatrix style though with a whole host of high-street stores, from Topshop to Zara and & Other Stories, all offering their own range of laminated looks.

Gingham on Everything

It's time to welcome the graphic pattern back into your life. Block out a square in your spring wardrobe for anything with the print, because this is the most playful trend to shop this season! When seeing this trend, it made me think of the boys that were wearing the checkerboard Vans slip-ons. The checkerboard printed looks came in a sophisticated combination of colorways and were styled with matching plaid counterparts. The checkerboard prints just a plaid seen with 20/20 vision. It's certainly the new definitive, clear, and precise version of our favorite gingham and plaid prints.

Baggy Jeans

No matter your style, I'd venture to guess there's one common denominator all our closets share: a great pair of jeans. Whether you're intensely loyal to a certain jean shape or can frequently be found testing the waters with new denim styles, we insist you be informed upon the latest jean trends to hit the scene in 2019. "Dad" jeans, anti-skinny jeans, baggy jean call them what you will, but the voluminous, loose-leg denim shape has arrived as the freshest look. Intimidating as it may look, the style is much more wearable than it seems. Just take the following ways fashion girls are already wearing the trend, styled with pointed-toe heels and boots and sneakers.

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