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New York Fashion Week F/W 19 Part 2

Who stood out during the second half of New York fashion week 2019?

Continue reading to hear more about our opinions on four top designers and the collection they presented before us. Take a glimpse into the collections of Claudia Li, Caroline Herrera, Sally LaPoint, and Marc Jacobs.

Claudia Li NY Jan.10, 2019 11 a.m.

The skillful designer Claudia Li uses a clever mixture of three geographical locations and their aesthetics to inform this season’s collection. The first being a hardcore New York work hard party harder energy, The second a Hawaiian/Southeast Asian island vibe with the use of motifs in the floral conquest, relaxed postures, and the simple combination of elegant garments and house slippers. And lastly the styling is reminiscent of a Parisian chic attitude, for example the tied scarf around the neck.

After enthusiastic review of the collection I was excited to see what is available online. The current online presentation seems outdated and much like mid-level fashion as opposed to the elegance that we see in the 2019 fall/winter collection. The regalness that exudes from the garments the models wear as armour is lost when reviewing the pieces available online.This current collection will certainly strengthen the options.

Caroline Herrera NY Jan. 11, 2019 10 a.m.

A clean finish to a fluttery flow in the hem of each dress, Caroline Herrera does a classically sophisticated job of creating a collection that is both serious and fun or cultured and colorful. Much of the flouncy hem reminded me of a butterfly’s wings and the bounce in each of the models’ step reenacted that of a butterfly’s flutter of the wings. Yet the collection wasn’t bound to a spring feel but instead juxtaposed with a cool and serious glimmer that one feels when walking into the office on a winter morning. Not only does her collection emulate the niche vibe of a New Yorker’s style but can easily transcend across the country and seamlessly into other spaces globally.

Sally LaPoint NY Jan. 12, 2019 11 a.m.

Fabulous! J’adore! Me encanta!

Models representing the 2019 fall/winter collection for Sally LaPoint glide down the runway with their sultry, cool girl attitude in slicked back hair and a glittery glamour that does not resemble an ounce of tackiness. They walked down the runway in their monochromatic outfits heads high eyes straight forward, lips pursed, with an “it’s so obvious look on their face”; the color pallet of this season being black, grey, white, olive green, purple, and red.

This collection not only sparks the glamour in a wardrobe with the flashy textiles that glimmer in the light but it is also quite daring in its subtle attachment to the summer. In the resistance of the warm season ending, LaPoint integrates a curious garment into the collection--the Bermuda short. Known for its lack of glamour, this collection was able to deem the Bermuda short as an upcoming piece that all the it-girls will have in their closet ready for a day at the museum or night out; essentially the last two places anyone would ever normally wear Bermuda shorts. I guess that “daring attitude” is the exact reason to add such a garment into the trend-setting collection.

Marc Jacobs NY Jan. 13, 2019 6 p.m.

The regal and spiritual aura of the models that floated down the runway showcasing Marc Jacobs pieces seemed to hover over the audience as if to guide them through the collection. The silhouette of the garments create an image of acting as a shield around the body with a priest-like stature, layered and full growing outward. And yet, with the draping having a wide cone like shape, the garments look nothing short of a chic New York wardrobe, maintaining a contemporary and every-day sophisticated style.

Now let's see what London has to show for us!

Images from: http://www.modemonline.com/fashion/

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