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Neue Workshop at IFA Paris

Neue, a Swedish fashion tech company, dropped by at IFA Paris to conduct a fashion tech workshop with the students of the bachelor’s program. Based in Stockholm, Neue is a company that brings together the different worlds of fashion and technology to create tech that seamlessly blends into everyday clothing to make it a smart textile packed with sensors.

CEO Fredrick Timour says, “Everything around us is technology, we couldn’t move without it. We launched it four years ago to create a platform to hook up smart materials that can connect to your clothes. It’s a platform that can go into production- it’s scalable.”

Spaced over a workshop of three days, Neue gave the students a glimpse into the tech world and enabled them to think innovatively with their new project. The students worked with a battery pack, A2, a versatile tool of Bluetooth, a built-in-charger and sensors, that is sewn into the garments. The battery then had to be connected to the Neue Playground app that creates various functions for it.

“Neue is this technological company, and they’re trying to introduce technical elements into clothing. For example, a light system or even a button where you can connect them to your phone and play songs on Spotify. It was an amazing experience. They helped us for the first few steps, it was quite complicated process, kind of like trial and error where if it doesn’t work for the first time you just keep going”, says Leo, one of the students who attended the workshop.

Images: neue.se

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