• Naz Bokhari

MBA Student Project: Creating A Magazine

The MBA in Global Fashion Media students have been working on creating a magazine from the ground up. We had to designate rolls, plan photoshoots, editorial pillars, identity, theme, and essentially every detail that goes into the creation and maintenance of a magazine.

We have three classes to help us learn and work on the magazine, which we have named ‘Valid Until’. The first class is called ‘The Word’, in which we learned about the rolls of who does what within the company,we then created teams using this model. We also treat this time as a work-shop to work on the editorial process. Below is a list of the jobs and their main responsibilities.

Editorial Team:

-Editor-in-Chief: Manages the magazine through calendars/deadlines/budgets, controls the editing process, choses cover, writes editorial, choose theme and designates topics of articles

-Deputy Editor: Maintains the schedule, writes briefs for each article, liaison between all teams, is a part of all aspects of the editorial planning

-Copy Editor: Reviews each article for spelling, content, style and grammar

Design Team:

-Art Director: Creates the flow of the magazine through graphics and visual identity, adds a creative input

-Deputy Art Director: Works with the art director to help maintain the flow 

-Design Artists: Layout of the pages and obtain mock-up prints

Production Team:

-Production Managers: Create the flat-plan, communicate with the printer, and help maintain/stay on budget, link between editorial and art teams

We have a second class that is in connection to this magazine, called ‘The Shoot’, in which we work with a photographer and stylist to plan 4 photoshoots. We work in 3 teams and each team plans and executes a Still-Life, Beauty, In Studio Fashion, and External Fashion shoots. We create mood boards, book models, find locations, and then gather all the materials for the shoot. To learn more about the process of these photoshoots, please read our article on this!

The final class we will have for this magazine is called ‘Digital Layout’, which we also had last term and were tasked with creating individual magazines to learn first-hand about graphics and layouts. This term we will use this class to do the same but with ‘Valid Until’.

The theme we chose for the magazine’s first issue is ‘Surrealism’, we decided to be a bi-annual magazine that has themes focusing on different eras of art, since art, writing and fashion are so intertwined. We want this to be a fashion magazine, so all articles are focused on their topics but related back to fashion in some way. We also want this to be a progressive magazine, talking about issues of the time such as social and political topics within the fashion industry. The way we are connecting everything back to the theme of Surrealism will be through our writing and art techniques. We spent some time researching Surrealist writing, photography and fashion, to help us properly execute our photoshoots to reflect the theme. The magazine will be released June 28th. 

Here are some behind the scenes photos and videos from our photoshoots!

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