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London Fashion Week -- Street Style

Updated: Feb 23, 2019

London Fashion Week has just ended, and forget the runways... we're here to talk about what we saw in the streets!

There were several obvious trends that we witnessed all over the city. Many of these trends were fun and playful, but we expect nothing less from our London fashionistas. Some of the most common items were Trench Coats of all styles, bucket hats, and lots and lots of prints! But don't worry, we did the digging for you and gathered all the must-see looks and hottest trends right here for you to see! :)

Mix & Match

This trend is all about breaking the rules and throwing away any "fashion rules". We saw a lot of prints on prints and abstract color combinations.. sounds crazy but here are some people that pulled it off, and inspired me to try it...

Down to Earth-Tones

The opposite of the astro trend that we've been seeing so much recently-- this is all about toning it down and becoming one with the colors of nature, mostly tans, browns, and some pops of green. What I love about this trend? The fact that it's monochromatic without being loud and coordination taken to a different level. These looks are the definition of clean and smart.

Brighten Up!

This trend is all about being bold. Whether it's about feeling empowered, or just to be a little flashy... this was probably the most popular and eye-catching trend of this fashion week. Londoners are known to be a bit more bold than the rest of us, and they do it so well. This trend consisted of bright hues of neon, green, orange, red and pinks -- helping us get some color this winter, especially with all this playful outerwear!

Plaid, period.

Well, what can I say? These photos will speak for themselves.. Plaid was simply everywhere this season. Hence, the title of this trend: Plaid, Period.

Plaid pants, plaid blazers, plaid co-ords, plaid coats, plaid scarves, hats, bags.... so much plaid, and we're not even mad about it. These street stylers were killing it and bringing the game strong, make us want to hop on this trend before it's plaid out ;)

Thanks for reading and check back soon for Milan and Paris fashion week runway and street style updates!

Photo Sources: Alexandre Gaudin, Phil Oh, Vogue

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