• Mitalee Deshpande

Lights, Camera, Action!

The students of Global Fashion Media (GFM) are now in their third semester, and all prepped up to create a fashion magazine of their own. And we all know what’s important in a fashion magazine. Yep, you guessed it correct – the photo spreads! And making of these photo spreads is exactly what IFA saw last week

On 21st of May 2019, Room 4 at IFA Paris was transformed into a mini photo studio. Various photography equipment was scattered all around the room – right from gigantic, colourful screens and tall lights to a computer, battery and tripods of different lengths. Not only that, but if you walked past the room, you could hear funky music that had the inhabitants nodding their heads and shaking their shoulders while the flash blinded everyone, and the shutters of the camera went berserk.

The first photoshoot was in full swing by this time. Just a week ago, concepts and ideas were only in the minds of the students. They had two sessions with the photographer Fabrice Malard, and the stylist Prof Jean-Marc Chauve to discuss how to bring these ideas to life. After gruelling brainstorming sessions of the three groups with their team members, quite a few novel designs were put forward, and finally brought to life on May 21st.

Concepts residing in the mind rarely ever come out as expected. But that was the challenge the students were ready to take up. And dare we say, they were more than successful. The first shoot was ‘Still Life’. The process of bringing to life materials that do not move was a tough task. Since products don’t have a mind of their own and are incapable of movement, it was in the hands of the students to make the products do exactly what they wanted. A small adjustment here and a miniscule manoeuvre there, the still life shoot took up almost all the time designated for it. Although this shoot was slow, the energy of Fabrice and the students more than made up for the crawling pace.

If you think the day came to an end with that, think again. Following the still life shoot was the ‘Beauty Shoot’! Each group had forty minutes to transfer their ideas onto the face of the model. And we’re happy to say that this shoot was livelier than the previous. Not only was it short and fast paced but it also included a model who could move. This made everything easier. Sort of. Since the shoot focused on beauty and make-up, there was no need to worry about clothes. But it focused on beauty and make-up, so that was a major reason to worry. The three groups had come with wild ideas for it and making them a reality was a fun challenge.

May 22nd came with bright sunshine. And yes, we needed it because it was the day of the External Shoot! With concepts that went with the articles of the magazine, the groups were all set with their chosen locations, clothes and models. Not only did they have to worry about the permission for shooting at specific locations, but also had to consider changing areas for the models. The students managed everything brilliantly. The outdoor shoots went smoothly – the clothes fit the models, the models put up the right expressions, and ideas were brought to life. The shoot was over before its designated time, and everything was wrapped up and taken back to where it belonged.

The GFM students are launching their magazine on the 28th of June. Stay posted to know more about the behind-the-scenes!

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