• Shria Nene

Japanese Influence on French Culture – The Japanese Exhibit at Musee des Arts Decoratifs

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

The Musee the Arts Decoratifs (MAD) has been a pioneer in hosting exhibitions on different countries that have been influential in defining French culture and fashion. A part of this was an exhibition “Japonisme.” Japanese culture to the French people, often represented fragility with beauty, and was often a symbol of peace and calmness.

The exhibition consisted of thousands of artifacts, paintings, even outfits from 1867 – 2018. The year 1867 marked the entry of the archipelago in the Meiji Era. The displays were done beautifully, with different objects like vases, tea sets, interspersed with paintings and different posters that had a definitive Japanese influence.

One interesting factor about the exhibit was the influence of Japanese nature and landscapes on the French. There were many advertisement posters for French companies with cherry blossom trees and weeping willows in the background.

The images of the different objects in the exhibition speak for themselves. Here’s a sneak peek.

A part of the exhibit even consisted of a dress by John Galliano, which was inspired by the Japanese Kimono, with its patterns and draping. There was an armor made from woven bamboo that represented oriental aesthetics beautifully.

We loved this exhibition for all that it stood for, and the way it displayed deep Japanese influence on every area of art – tapestries, cutlery, outfits, lamps, objets d’art, and even shoes!

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