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IFA’s Art Club Goes to a Gallery Exhibition of Artist Erwin Olaf

Image: Diana Roberts

The Art Club at IFA Paris began as a pet project for Professor Sandy Bontout. She recognized how important it was for students in fashion to be educated about art as well as fashion, as art and fashion go hand in hand. It is important in the fashion industry to convey knowledge of art and culture. So Sandy created the Art Club at IFA to ensure the students were educated in art, to supplement their fashion education.

Every week, usually on a Monday night, students from all different majors gather to hear Sandy teach about an art period or artist. Sandy’s passion for art is evident, and Art Club is an amazing resource for the students at IFA.

A few times throughout the term, the Art Club will go to a gallery opening or exhibit, if there is an artist showcasing their work somewhere in Paris. This past week on Friday night, the Art Club went to the Rabouan Moussion Gallery exhibition of artist Erwin Olaf’s work.

Artist Erwin Olaf. Image: ruinart.com

Erwin Olaf is a Dutch artist that lives and works in Amsterdam. He began his career as a photojournalist, photographing the club scene of the 1980’s. He gained notoriety as a fashion photographer. His art exhibition for the Rabouan Moussion gallery was titled “Palm Springs” and featured multi-media pieces in photography and film.

Image: rabouanmoussion.com

Olaf’s work uses vivid colors in a cinematic aesthetic to convey, in this case, a dystopic Americana subject matter.

Image: Diana Roberts

When the students from the art club went to the exhibition, Erwin Olaf himself was in attendance and signing books. Some of the students got to speak with him about his inspiration behind Palm Springs and how he even used himself as a model in the work below.

Photo of Erwin Olafs Photography: Diana Roberts

The exhibition was a beautiful and fun experience. This Art Club offered students not only conceptual knowledge about the art world, but also first hand experience, which is a vital part of our education in fashion.

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