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Halima Aden: Modest Model Turned Designer

IMG’s first ever hijabi model, Halima Aden, takes a turn in her career as a designer by collaborating with Turkish online retailer Modanisa on a line of Hijabs.

Halima Aden will be designing a 27 piece Hijab capsule collection to be premiered at Istanbul Modest Fashion Week, which takes place April 20-21. Just a month after Dubai Modest Fashion Week, Istanbul is one of the few cities on the list to host this event, along with London and Jakarta.

Aden’s collaboration will be with a Turkish online retailer by the name of ‘Modanisa’, which is a platform that sells modest wear.

“It all started with a dream, a vision, a purpose: to meet modest women’s desire to wear the clothes that fit the life and times they live in” is how Modanisa describes itself.

It was the first Turkish platform to deliver online to such a large target audience. It caters to a variety of customers in over 130 countries, and the website is available in several languages, reportedly reaching 16 million visitors globally.

This capsule collection will be Halima Aden’s first swing at designing and should hopefully prove successful with the backing of such a successful company, with such a large consumer base.

The Somali-American model is known for her street-style, love for bright colors and ability to show modest wear as fashionable. She is also known for her stylish hijabs, turbans and ability to rock bold prints. She has a huge fan base that is highly anticipating this release. Aden has even seen support from other major models, such as Bella Hadid posting about the release.

Although there has not been much information on the designs or color palette of the collections, Halima has stated that a nude colored hijab is a must have.

Halima Aden is also known to be a strong activist, working with organizations like Unicef for children in need and Vita Coco for women's empowerment. So doing something bold and empowering like this line is nothing new for her.

Halima Aden has openly spoken about bridging that gap between fashion and activism, in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar. In this interview, she speaks about a collection by Max Mara which she said allowed her to feel fashionable while wearing her hijab. Aden also discusses being the “first hijab wearing model”, mentioning that she first used to wear pants as a headpiece when modeling because a scarf was not usually available. She also states that this is an exciting time in the industry because it is starting to open up and hopefully continue to grow and become more inclusive.

Hopefully with the retailers like Modanisa and events like Modest Fashion Week giving platforms to people like Halima Aden, we will start to see more fashion catering to modest consumers and see the industry grow to become more inclusive in this way.

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All photos were taken directly from Halima Aden & Modanisa's Instagram Accounts.

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