• Jessica A. Lazarus

From YSL to Berlin Clubs | Stefano Pilati Next Move

Stefano Pilati moved on from Yves Saint Laurent and is ready to tackle a new project in the city he calls home, Berlin.

Stefano Pilati - Founder of RANDOM IDENTITIES Photo: RI Studio Berlin

The former head designer of the famed luxury brand is stepping away from traditional luxury models into a fashion venture called Random Identities. As a response to the anti-luxury scene of Berlin, he is utilizing pricing & digital strategies along with capitalizing on consumer feedback. He has found that the city is giving him the platform to experiment with his creativity, pushing past his conformities and creating new boundaries and spaces to develop.


Pilati sets to envelop the idea of randomness and the question of existence shown through the unification of identity. A concept he feels allows individuals to explore themselves and step away from trends; this is his rebirth. He is testing his personality and that of his consumers, a concept very much in line with Berlin fashion.

Here is a peek into what Pilati has in store for us with Random Identities.

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