• Shria Nene

Beauty Disorder – Work in Progress!

June is coming!

This year, the Bachelors’ students at IFA Paris have a difficult task ahead to design four looks for their final year collection. And the theme is ‘Beauty Disorder’!

One of the members of the jury, Jean Marc Chauve, explained the reason behind the theme. “Every year, we choose a theme that is relevant to everything happening in the society. The society today puts a lot of importance on beauty and appearances. Hence, we chose the idea of beauty and disorder. Last year, we chose innovation and vintage as the theme, and students came up with beautiful collections. So, this year we went with the same idea of using current happenings as a theme for the collection.”

As jury, the experts are looking forward to interpretations and collections that surprise them. The task for the students was to interpret this theme in their own way and design a collection. As complex as this topic seems, it also has an underlying meaning to it – a satirical view of the society today that worships convoluted beauty.

After talking to a couple of students, what came into the light were their perceptions about disordered beauty. For one student – Ridhi Sanghvi, it was all about getting inspired by what Picasso had said, “Every act of creation is first an act of destruction.” She connected the dots to sportswear and its evolution from 1920s to the 21st century. Keeping these three principle ideas, she is designing her collection based on this theme.

For Samsad Din though, it was all about the distortion of true beauty through clinical procedures. His research landed him on examples of Donatella Versace whose face looks anamorphic due to the surgical procedures she went through for getting the perfect lips/pout. So, his collection is going to connect the dots between beauty disordered, and the various clinical/surgical procedures used for personifying the supposedly contorted beauty ideals.

The collection is due for a jury presentation on 12th and 13th of June, and students are nervous yet excited about the showcasing their looks to the experts!

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